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Online functions
Sometimes you need to run a piece of PHP code real quick, a SHA1 or MD5 hash, a base64_encode or base64_decode of a sting. I need this all the time mysql, so I made a simple website where I can get a quick output without hassle from most common PHP functions.

Custom functions
PHP does not cover any possible scenario, that's good for creativity, but sometimes it can be a struggle. Take a look at my custom functions and there might be a solution for your problem.

The errors you see are not errors in the script, but the actual errors you get when executing the command exactly with the parameters you entered. This way you can see what is wrong with your code and learn from it.

Missing something or something wrong?
Post a comment and I try to fix it.

Happy PHPing!
Hope you enjoy this website, if you do, please post a comment or share it on Twitter or Google+!

Function categories

Arrays: All functions related to arrays are in here

Custom functions: Functions by John, a lot of custom functions, quick and easy to use.

Cryptography, Hashing : Encoding, decoding, hashing, all in here.

Date and Time: All functions with Date and or Time are here

Math: Test all PHP Math functions here

Step by step tutorials: You can find a bunch of step by step tutorials here.

Other functions: All other PHP functions wich do not fit an any other category

Output buffering: Need to work with buffers? All output buffering filters are in here.

Regular Expressions: Regular Expressions are powerfull tools in PHP. You can find them here.

String Manipulation: You can find a lot of functions for string manipulation here.

String Compare Search: All string compare and string search functions are in here

Type checking changing: Type checking and type changing is in here.

Uncategorized: These functions are here for reference only, they do not have an online test function (yet). This list gets shorter every day, as I am working to get most of them done and categorize them.

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