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Other functions

All other PHP functions wich do not fit an any other category

aggregate Dynamic class and object aggregation of methods and properties
assert Checks if assertion is FALSE
assert_options Set/get the various assert flags
basename Returns trailing name component of path
count_chars Return information about characters used in a string
filter_id Returns the filter ID belonging to a named filter
getrandmax Show largest possible random value
get_html_translation_table get_html_translation_table — Returns the translation table used by htmlspecialchars() and htmlentities()
http_build_query Generates a URL-encoded query string from the associative (or indexed) array provided.
http_response_code Get or Set the HTTP response code
iconv_set_encoding Changes the value of the internal configuration variable specified by type to charset.
is_callable Verify that the contents of a variable can be called as a function
is_dir Tells whether the filename is a directory
is_link Tells whether the filename is a symbolic link
iterator_apply Calls a function for every element in an iterator.
iterator_count Count the elements in an iterator.
iterator_to_array Copy the elements of an iterator into an array.
metaphone Calculate the metaphone key of a string
mt_getrandmax Show largest possible random value
mt_rand Generate a better random value
mt_srand Seed the better random number generator
phpversion Returns a string containing the version of the currently running PHP parser or extension.
rand Generate a random integer
range Create an array containing a range of elements
sleep Delay execution
soundex Calculate the soundex key of a string.
srand Seed the random number generator
token_name Get the symbolic name of a given PHP token
uniqid Gets a prefixed unique identifier based on the current time in microseconds.
usleep Delays program execution for the given number of micro seconds.
var_dump Dumps information about a variable
var_export Outputs or returns a parsable string representation of a variable
version_compare version_compare() compares two "PHP-standardized" version number strings. This is useful if you would like to write programs working only on some versions of PHP.

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